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Research-Focused. Diligent. Risk Management.

As our independently verified performance track record demonstrates, the Firm has achieved outstanding private equity investment performance across economic and financial market cycles. As of December 31, 2009, the Firm’s since-inception internal rate of return (IRR), net of fees, is over 16% on committed capital in excess of $45 billion.*

Pacific Corporate Group’s comprehensive approach to research and investment due diligence is the fundamental driver of the organization’s performance. Over the past two decades, PCG has cultivated a rigorous set of risk management standards. At the core of PCG’s risk management program is the consistent and diligent application of our thorough investment due diligence process, which has been designed to ensure that every detail of a potential investment is meticulously analyzed. In addition, PCG continues to work with leading academic and industry risk management experts to refine and improve its ability to manage various forms of risk.

The PCG family of companies engage in a variety of private equity transactions, including both discretionary and non-discretionary advisory arrangements, as well as direct investments and specialized fund products, each of which require a specific due diligence process in order to manage risk. Across investment categories, however, there are several fundamental investment due diligence principles that are heavily ingrained in PCG’s culture: exhaustive research and due diligence of all investment opportunities, disciplined examination and evaluation of all legal, technical and personnel aspects concerning any proposed investment, and rigorous top-down market research and analysis. PCG’s proven investment approach is rooted in its due diligence process and our ability to mitigate potential sources of risk for our clients.

* Past performance may not be indicative of future results. Please refer to the full report by clicking the link on the performance page.

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